Le Cactus Bleu

Artists in their
own right!

Le Cactus Bleu has the honor of representing artists – inspiring and passionate – from various disciplines. Visual artists, sculptors, photographers… We are always on the lookout for new talents to thrill the French with your emotions and your works!

Vincent Marshall

Artist Painter

Coming from the musical world, Vincent Marshall took his first steps in painting about ten years ago. It was not until 2020, during the health crisis, that he decided to put an end to his career to devote himself fully to this field.

Since then, he has exhibited mainly in Switzerland and has sold more than 70 paintings in just 2 years. A dazzling success for the artist who, from the start, truly aspired to make people dream through his creations.

Finally, Vincent Marshall produces his works in acrylic and addresses several themes (flowers, abstract, etc.) in which he mixes colors and shapes. He places spontaneity and freedom at the heart of his artistic approach.

Alain Added

Artist Painter and Sculptor

Endowed with a strong personality and a natural generosity, Alain Added felt, since adolescence, the constant need to communicate and express himself with for only weapon, the artistic creation.

Painter artist and sculptor, he knew how to reinvent himself to be in the air of time. At the beginning of his career, the artist painted for a long time in black and white, thanks to Indian ink. Then, he naturally turned to color, with the use of oil paint and acrylic. Since 2002, he integrates sculpture to his artistic approach and gives life to the characters that he initiated earlier in his paintings.

At the age of 22, he participated in his first exhibition at the Grand-Palais in Paris. Since then, he has been present at major events such as Art Shopping at the Carrousel du Louvres or at the Espace Cardin. Finally, on an international level, he has participated in Figuration Critique in Spain and Korea.

Nicolas Marvel

Artist Painter

At the age of 22, Nicolas Marvel felt compelled to give up his dreams and projects because a tragic accident turned his life upside down. Living in a country where there was no future for him made the situation even more difficult. So he left Georgia for France.

Alone with his uncertainties, he began a new life in a country whose language he did not know. He tried drawing and painting to pass the time. It was then that he discovered a passion for painting, an activity that allowed him to gain self-confidence and find a meaning to his life.

Since his beginnings, he trains on several styles by working the matter, and realizes today his works with oil paint and the knife. Man and his spirit are his real source of inspiration. Today, he is animated by great projects with a deep desire to transmit a message to the world.

Gérald Alldis

Artist Painter

Born in 1975, Gérald Alldis is a self-taught painter who, from the age of 9, developed a real attraction for drawing.

It is from his studio, located in Loison-sous-Lens, that he transcribes through his painting his love for nature and wildlife. He mainly painted very colorful animals on a black background.

Passionate about acrylic, he also likes other techniques such as pen, pastel, knife painting and other themes such as nudes and Street Art.

Enter his colorful and wild world!

Olivier Toma

Artist Painter

Olivier Toma, born in 1965, has been painting for over 25 years, by borrowing from nature its pigments. He is a visual artist passionate about collage and fascinated by cave paintings.

Since his first exhibition in 2002, Olivier Toma’s paintings have been regularly exhibited in France and Europe. In 2014, he crossed the borders of Europe and exhibited for the first time at New York ART EXPO.

His large format works, full of energy, are the fusion of abstract painting and calligraphy, sometimes inspired by Eastern, Latin or Hebrew writing.

His personal commitment to sustainable development and health leads him to seek new gestures and new materials that he incorporates into his creations.